Making the mould:

Sune Holm uses latex milk for the mould but as this is very seldom available in Finland I decided to try making the mould with a glue produced by Kiilto Oy called Maitoliima - “milky glue”. This glue is based on latex and meant for gluing of textiles and leather.

I started by taking a stone, about the size of a man’s head, from my back yard. I washed it clean with water and while the surface was still wet I added the first layer of the glue dripping it on straight from the bottle. The reason I dripped it on was to avoid the air bubbles that can occur if you use a brush. These will be replicated in the final object. I also tried using a bottle for spraying flowers but the nozzle blocked up at the first try. Dripping is good!




• Kiilto maitoliima (latex based glue), use latex if available!